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Take back our planet and work together or it WILL BE DESTROYED SOON by GREED these NOT A PERSON and never will be CORPORATIONS and YOU ALL YOURSELVES by the poisons you all put on your yards to control weeds, LOL really, so worried about weeds and what other people think about your grass, that you poison yourselves and your neighbors their children your children and the planet, are you that vain, why yes, yes you are,, there are natural ways to live, too scared to plant a fruit tree or berry bush in your front yards, might get arrested, really LOL ever heard of warrant, like get one cop or innocent until proven guilty, jesus Christ what are they going to do kill you for planting a tree in your yard, stop buying what their selling you on TV in wal-mart plastic junk or on the news, which isn’t news anymore but actually sells you crap lol, I’m not saying don’t buy anything just don’t buy chinsy crap or junk you don’t need, save your money heyyy, stop taking these medications that have horrid side effects and start using common sense there is no easy way, take a good multi-vitamin a B-complex MSM and or DMSO and amino-acids like Dr OZ recommended carnosine, or the Dr OZ recommended amino stack to increase HGH levels to 600% called G.O.A.L. ( Glycine, Ornithine, Arginine, Lysine)...

wake the fuck up, take back the planet stop drinking and using fluoride, stop watching TV, stop buying plastic crap you’re going to have to throw away anyways planned obsolescence, stop buying shit aren’t you dying to quit, be a real boy or girl, stop following other people’s dreams, working for their dreams aka working for them, being complacent much, stop worrying what other people think and be yourself or get fat suffer and die that’s your choice, stop caring about holidays celebrating them celebrate everyday instead, hell instead of taking vacations why not set up a life you don’t need to escape from huh, you must exercise your WILL and your physical BODY, FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!!!

And come on now people TRUMP REALY TRUMP doesn’t that say a lot about how stupid people really are nowadays, like you didn’t have a choice, LMFOL, you all did and you all do, why do you all feel the need to be led by incompetent leaders and politicians, UN-BIASED scientists and engineers solve problems. NOT UNEDUCATED politicians, silly easily led people tricks are for kids, and actually kids are much smarter than you all are, if you’re not lying to yourselves that is, Peek phosphorus and world starvation, big farma and patents, greed and MSM DMSO because it’s always about money not health, greed not the good, or we would be living in Paradise NOT Pollution, OPEN EYES to what corporations are being allowed to do to this planet people, I mean planes could run off of hydrogen fuel cells, from water no pollution but they don’t, WHY???

You all know WHY, greed, corporate control, lobbyists, politicians that will save you all from yourselves, LMFOL, give them your personal responsibility, the degree to which you are responsible for yourself, your health, money and life, IS the degree to which you are FREE, I mean right, see no easy way, if you aren’t all lying to yourselves that is, put on your big boy pants people, once you get used to it its actually easier to be good and do what’s right, and you get more money and wisdom doing it the right way too, dont think for once that because you go to church on sunday you are forgivin for your sins and pollution is one, it take action real work to make a mens!!! Yaee kids…

As soon as you all realize it’s all your fault and every dollar you spend is a vote for what kind of future world you want to live in with your family, or fuck it put grandma in a home even though she raised you, don’t talk to your wife or get fit just cheat on each other and get an expensive divorce, I mean hell I’m not telling you don’t vaccinate your kids, I am telling you to look at what’s in the vaccination aka their active inactive ingredients, I mean that’s all people just some good ole down home common fucking sense,

and sorry I won’t treat you equal unless you are, if you’re a sports watching, terrorist did it cause I cant follow the money too stupid to think or know what propaganda is, accept the news given naritive of this is how life is and this is what happened cause cant think for yourself borrow what was said on TV and call it yours, blind patriot looking to politicians to solve all your problems, with a glossed over look in your eye at a political party, democrat or republican as if those are our only choices, American Russian or Chinese Christian Jewish or Muslim idiot, then Jesus Christ your all fucked…

Like anyone has the answer, didn’t you know there all theory’s because the answers and questions always change and the view always differs, isn’t it funny that the writer always writes what the person paying for it wants and the scientist always agrees with the view of whoever is funding them, I mean where’s the UN-BIASED results , like these medications are safe except for the side effects really you buy that, LOL, and there’s no global warming I mean all that extra CO2 from cars and human pollution is really good for the environment so is cutting down the forests and not replanting them, poison on your lawn won’t get on your kids when their playing in the yard or on your pets, radiation leaking from fukushima Chernobyl or any nuclear accident is GOOD for the pacific ocean and our planet, hydrogen fuel isn’t safe it makes more pollution than oil and cars planes trains, hell every combustion engine can’t be easily converted to it with the same or more horse power unlike electric, if you buy that, then humanity is fucked...

what’s the point of innovation if you can’t unbrainwash yourself from commercials about clean coal and BP is cleaning the gulf, LOL, you guys are really that stupid aren’t you, I mean I was trying to give you all the benefit of the doubt but I guess you’ve proven me wrong, you people really are that stupid all of you, every country, every religion lead with fear by every government, world bank or corner bank, every make believe debt collection ,as if money was worth anything with no gold behind it, fiat currency, LOL...

WOW you all really believe in the bullshit you’ve been fed your whole lives, now they’re coming after your social security and social welfare programs by calling them entitlements, like corporations don’t get subsides or tax breaks or incentives, like those aren’t entitlements too, are we still stupid or are we waking up yet, I mean its Americans oil, we the peoples oil, why aren’t we getting a share of the profits, the world’s resources are ours, everyone’s and not for just a small group of elitist oligarch assholes, I mean right, I mean how did they get the rights to our oil, our resources, I mean right, isn’t that just common sense that a corporation isn’t a person and cant own land or our resources, a person can own land but not a corporation, right, I mean, they used to have charters but what? Not anymore? WHY??? I mean that's weird, very weird???

and their taking away your freedoms too, if we aren’t more free as we go along, then what’s the point of the land of the free, life and liberty, I mean why did veterans die for our freedoms, why are veterans still dyeing for our freedoms and our fore fathers died and we are less free, less happy, less liberty, more pollution, more greed, can’t buy a house, can’t afford to live, can’t get sick, sad right, Oh wait but your entertained though so its kool, smiley face like it and the brainwashing is complete, see what I mean, I see said the blind man but he couldn’t see at all…

-Nathaniel Chan

The Corporation - Full Movie

BBC documentary century of self, very good


1928 propaganda from the guy who started it and head of marketing

The Story of Your Enslavement


Birth Certifactes Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932

that should wake you all up, but who knows, maybe not…

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