Healthy Homes

Studies link home pesticide use to numerous negative health impacts. The problem is especially acute in low-income communities where the potential for human exposure to pesticides is high and where residents often have little or no participation in pest control decisions.

The goal of Healthy Homes is to reduce in-home pesticide use and exposure, especially for tenants in low income, substandard and public housing. To that end the campaign aims to:

  •   Educate tenants about the nature of pesticide related health impacts – especially among children and pregnant women who are most susceptible – and provide information and tools for more health protective and sustainable pest management practices.
  • Build informed and active participants in health-protective pest control decisions and community capacity to push for the adoption of health protective pest management policies.
  • Increase utilization of low risk, IPM options among landlords, property management firms, and agencies.
  • Promote local and statewide policy change on home pesticide use.

To find out more about in home pesticide use, statewide Healthy Homes activities and how you can get involved, call Californians for Pesticide Reform’s Sarah Aird at 510-788-9025 x5.

To learn more about Healthy Homes in the Los Angeles area, visit partner Physicians for Social Responsibility-LA’s page.

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