Enforceability of Schools Regulation Letter to DPR March 9, 2021

Concerns about Kern and Fresno Ag Commissioner Behavior Letter to DPR March 4, 2021

Calling for Notification in Shafter Letter to CalEPA March 2, 2021

DPR’s Environmental Justice Workshop – response Letter to DPR February 22, 2021

In Support of the Pilot Notification Program in Shafter Letter to DPR and CalEPA in Support of Notification Pilot for Shafter January 28, 2021

In Support of the Governor’s Proposal on the Mill Fee Letter to Budget Sub Committee Chairs in Support of Pesticide Mill Fee January 26, 2021

Pesticides Must Be Included in Scoping Plan and Climate Lands Strategy Letter to the Governor January 5, 2021 

DPR’s Environmental Justice Workshops Letter to DPR November 24, 2020

2nd Request – DPR must involve OEHHA in Telone rulemaking: Letter to CalEPA September 1, 2020

Air Monitoring Network: Letter to DPR August 28, 2020

Statewide Notification and Monterey Notification Pilot: Letter to DPR July 27, 2020

Statewide Notification: Letter to DPR June 30, 2020

DPR must involve OEHHA in Telone Rulemaking: Letter to CalEPA May 15, 2020

Environmental Justice Requires Access to Data: Letter to DPR May 15, 2020

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