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7-12-2016 JULY 12 "PROTECT CALIFORNIA KIDS" SACRAMENTO ACTION DAY & 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - After years of trying to get the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to adopt statewide protections to ensure children at school are not exposed to nearby hazardous agricultural pesticides, we’re on the verge of winning a significant victory but we need your help!  <read more>

5-24-2015 Make your voice heard! Attend a DPR workshop to ask officials to protect schoolchildren from dangerous pesticides! - Please join Californians for Pesticide Reform, along with concerned parents, teachers and community members from across California in letting the California Department of Pesticide Regulation know how the department should better protect schools from hazardous agricultural pesticides. <read more>

8-1-2014 Join CPR in a week of action against the kid-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos! - CPR members and allies are joining together in a week of action calling on DPR to take stronger action to protect children from the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos. <read more>

1-14-2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DPR Recommendations Leave California Schoolchildren, Rural Communities At Risk from Cancer-Causing Pesticide - DPR “recommendations” would allow Californians to be exposed to a cancer-causing pesticide at a level 25 times higher than its own scientists recommended. <read more>

12-3-2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CPR Calls on Gov. Brown to Protect Children from the Brain-harming Pesticide Chlorpyrifos - Honoring the victims of the Bhopal pesticide disaster, CPR and allies are appealing to Governor Brown for action to protect children from this hazardous, drift-prone pesticide. Chlorpyrifos' primary manufacturer, Dow, is the owner of the Union Carbide facility that caused the 1984 pesticide .. <read more>

11-15-2014 Read the new exposé "The Dark Side of the Strawberry" - The Center for Investigative Reporting just released a six part exposé on how the pesticide and industrial agriculture industries successfully pressured officials at the California Department of Pesticide Regulation to allow continued use of highly hazardous and volatile pesticides despite evidence .. <read more>