For Immediate Release: July 8, 2024

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Friday, July 12th

Community Calls for Pesticide Notification to Include Location of the Upcoming Application

News Conference then State Public Hearing on Friday in Turlock

WHAT:       News Conference on the Department of Pesticide Regulation Hearing on Proposed Regulation to Provide Public Access to Pesticide Information Prior to Applications

WHY:         Farmworker communities across California are demanding to know beforehand what, when, and where hazardous pesticides will be applied. They want to be able to take safety precautions against exposure to drifting pesticides. Currently, State and County regulators only reveal pesticide information after they’ve already been applied.

                  The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is holding in Turlock one of only two in-person public hearings across California about plans for a statewide pesticide notification system. The hearing is designed to receive public feedback on the State’s plan.

                  Valley Improvement Projects, Californians for Pesticide Reform and allies are concerned that the current plan will not serve the community without the address or farm location of the pesticide application.

WHERE:     In-person at Carnegie Arts Center, 250 N Broadway, Turlock, California 95380


WHEN:      Friday, July 12, 5:00 PM News Conference; 6:00 PM Public Hearing


WHO:        The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is holding the official public hearing on its statewide pesticide notification regulation.


                  Valley Improvement Projects, Californians for Pesticide Reform and allies will host a news conference prior to the hearing and will be among dozens of speakers who will make public comments at the hearing, calling for the exact location of upcoming pesticide applications to be included in the State’s notices.

SPANISH:  Spanish speakers will be available for interviews.

VISUALS:   Speakers at the microphone, chanting crowd, banners, colorful signs, children.


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