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Over 50 groups challenge Decision to Allocate federal Farm Bill funds to Pro-pesticide PR Campaign

The California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) recently awarded $180,000 of Farm Bill specialty crop marketing dollars to the Alliance for Food and Farming—an agribusiness PR firm—to correct “the misconception that some fresh produce items contain excessive amounts of pesticide residues.”

Yet peer-reviewed literature, as well as the USDA's own food residue test database, confirm that pesticide residues on many conventionally-grown foods pose a real health risk. Despite the scientific evidence, CDFA granted this award while rejecting several worthy grants from organic and local food and farming organizations.

In response, over 50 environmental, public health, consumer groups and farmers and environmental justice organizations around the state have signed a letter urging CDFA to:

  • retract the award;
  • take action to ensure that future grant making serves the interests of all Californians by initiating a ublic process to revise its grant selection criteria in order to ensure a more balanced and beneficial use of marketing dollars.

Read the letter. For more information and to get involved, contact Tracey Brieger (415-981-3939 x6) at CPR.