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Resources Available from the Integrated Pest Management Least Toxic Options for Apartment Owners & Property Managers Workshop

On April 28, 2009, CPR members and allies conducted a workshop entitled "Integrated Pest Management: Least Toxic Options for Apartment Owners & Property Managers" at the 30th Annual Housing California Conference in Sacramento. Below are presentations and resources from the workshop.

Integrated Pest Management: Least Toxic Options for Apartment Owners & Property Managers
More than just a nuisance, pests in the home are a health issue for residents and current pesticide intensive methods of pest management are an even greater danger. This workshop provides a basic introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)- a proven, cost -effective and environmentally responsible strategy to combat ongoing pest problems without unnecessary pesticides use.  Learn from one of the nations premier IPM providers about innovations in bed bug treatment using steam heat and a nonprofit building manager will share their perspectives on working with tenants, building maintenance staff, and contractors in this integrated system.

Ten Reasons to Reduce Pesticide Use in Rental Housing: Caroline Cox, Center for Environmental Health
1)    Health impacts of pests and pesticides
2)    Drawbacks of spray-intensive approaches to pest control
3)    Lower-risk pest control alternative: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM the Property Management Perspective: Tom Polansky, Abode Communities, Director of Facilities Management, LEED A.P
1)    Ways to incorporate IPM into your building’s pest control program/practices
2)    Working with tenants, building maintenance staff and contractors in an integrated pest management system

Panelist 3: Luis Agurto, Jr., Pestec Integrated Pest Management Providers, President, IPM
      Case Study: Baking out Bed Bugs-Heat Treatment as effective control.

Other Resources

Our Water Our World- Fact sheets on pests and least risk pest management.

The New England Asthma Regional Council- webinar series on Boston Housing Authority’s model IPM program, toolkits and resources for tenants and property managers.

National Center for Healthy Housing

Northeast IPM Center at Cornell University

Safer Pest Control Project

Alliance for Healthy Homes on Pesticides